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Whitemouth Moray Eel - Maui, HawaiiCoral Reef - Cozumel, MexicoQueen Angelfish - Cozumel, MexicoFour Eye Butterflyfish and Flamingo Tongue - Cancun, MexicoScuba Diver - Cancun, MexicoChristmas Tree worms - Cancun, MexicoMUSA Underwater Museum - Isla Mujeres, MexicoGray Angelfish - Isla de Mujeres, MexicoSchool of Bluestriped Grunts - Isla de Mujeres, MexicoTrumpetfish - Florida KeysChristmas Tree worms on Coral - Florida KeysBanded Coral (Cleaner) Shrimp - Blue Heron Bridge, FloridaBanded Coral (Cleaner) Shrimp - Blue Heron Bridge, FloridaWWII Corsair Aircraft - Oahu, HawaiiFeeding Fish, WWII Corsair Wreck - Oahu, HawaiiGreen Sea Turtle - Oahu, HawaiiTurtle and Hawaiian Monk Seal - Maui, HawaiiHawaiian Monk Seal - Maui, HawaiiPencil Urchin - Maui, Hawaii

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